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A special note on coffee

Great coffee and tea options are a perfect way to please your staff and delight your clients, and so we always work closely with you and your staff representatives to select just the right blends and brands for your organisation. You may wish to choose 'big brands' such as Segafredo, Starbucks or Lavazza; might be tempted by our delicious Eros Fairtrade blend; or prefer a bespoke blend produced by our coffee bean roasting partner in Hertfordshire. The choice is yours to enjoy!

Great food is at the heart of exceptional contract catering

You will adore our food! That’s a bold statement, but we’re comfortable making it because it’s what our clients have been telling us for more than a decade. Here’s how our development chef, Paul Ayley, describes our approach to food:

Leeming Pilkington’s food is familiar and straightforward, yet also highly creative and imaginative.

It is familiar because it is personal. It is made and served by people who love preparing food as well as tasting it, enjoying it and enthusing about it endlessly.

And it is also creative and imaginative, because our highly trained teams have the skills to transform their love of food into innovative dishes that pick up on trends in international cuisines and contemporary tastes.

Food other catering contractors aspire to, within budgets that are never exceeded

We have a great track record of offering exceptional, high quality food that combines ethical sourcing and great ingredients with practicality, innovation and affordability.

We believe that texture, flavour, colour and balance are hugely important, as is the thought given to accompanying carbohydrates and vegetables. Close attention to the smallest details then ensures that the final presentation is a feast for the eyes.

Our menu dishes are chosen with our clients’ input to appeal to a range of tastes, using ingredients that are not too quirky but different enough to be special. We always aim to buy from local suppliers, so that our food is fresh, seasonal, minimally processed and bursting with flavour.

Our highly trained chefs mostly cook from scratch. They use fresh, authentic and natural ingredients that are complemented with cooking techniques that preserve nutrition and produce dishes that are as healthy as possible and taste fantastic. Your staff, clients and guests will want to keep coming back for more!

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